Thursday, July 22, 2010

Critiques for Challenge

Hello, all! ChattyChance here. The following is [sp?] the critiques for your stories.
I apologize for the delays, as the blog was acting kinda funky.

Zebra (Ninja)


Dott: Very good; The changes you made to the paragraph we gave were nice, even though they were small.

Chatty: Awesome! The suttle changes made went nice with the rest of the story. Great job. (:


Except for the intentional bad grammar (which we won't count as bad) Everything was great.

Dott: Perfect.

Chatty: Awesome. No spelling errors in sight.

Jazz's Story

Dott: Great, everything looks good.

Chatty: Wonderful.

Dott: Didn't see any problems. (:

Chatty: Awesome, everything was perfect.


Both: Perfect.

Shannon's Story

Dott: The fairies idea was creative, but I feel like you were bored while telling the story.

Chatty: Creative idea, but it seems like some emotion is missing.

Both: A few commas missing.

Both: Noticed 1 mistake; the word "used" was typed as "use"

Great job to everyone! And the first official challenged will be posted shortly.

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