Friday, June 25, 2010

Girls United Writing Contest

Welcome to the site! ChattyChance here. This is the official website of the Girls United Writing Contest! Sign-ups are still open over at the forum. If you haven't signed up... please do. This is going to be a great contest.

The following members have signed up:
 Duckie,Jazz, alligator, Sweetred, MrsMcCartney[Meg], Tom'sMyHusband/Shannon, Zebra

If you haven't signed up, please do!!

Sign-ups mill be over on Sunday June 27.

You will come here for critiques and results here, while the Writing themes will be over at the forum.
PM your entries to ChattyChance and Dott, or e-mail them to 
(Though we would prefer that you PM them.)

Check back often for updates, and get your first entry theme at the forum on June 27!!

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